Saturday, April 26, 2008

Local Bugs

As I was walking to the lab today, I saw a small beetle running around on the concrete. I remember in Ithaca, that all the beetles I found running around on campus tended to be Carabids (mostly Amara or Pterostichus). Not in Tucson though. The small beetle was a Tenebrionid in the genus, Blapstinus. These beetles are fairly common in the SW and are characterized by having their eyes completely divided by extensions of the side of their face.

This particular beast is the third species I've encountered in the lawns around my lab.

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Starsong Silversea said...

Hi Kojun,
I heard you were doing some Coniontis work recently. Have you dealt with any of the California Coniontis yet? I've been keeping 7 Coniontis specimens alive in the hopes that eventually I can identify them but I've had little luck so far.

All the best, James